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voce | 2006

Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (CAMK)
Kumamoto, Japan
February 25-June 4, 2006

Ann Hamilton - voce

Materials: wood tables, tube radios, desk lamps, kimonos, plastic wrapping, 8 spinning speakers, 2 spinning video projections, performers, sound


The site's two room architecture became a point of departure for voce where two languages, two species form thresholds of adjacency contrasting full/empty, above/below, light/dark still/turning, touch/vertigo, weight/weightlessness. Wood tables with tube radios, desk lamps and donated kimonos obscured with wrapped plastic served as platforms on which performers stood to vocalize the sounds of bird callings. Visitors were invited to improvise or follow the prompts of a teaching CD and join in the chorus of bird calls.



In the second room, two video projections spun in opposite directions to create strata of feet and faces excerpted from group portraits; these moving projections illuminated eight spinning speakers, circling overhead on cables and emitting the recorded sound of cicadas.


Ann Hamilton ยท voce

Photo credit: Eiichi Tanaka / Ann Hamilton



Director: Hiroshi Minamishima, Director at CAMK
Curators: Yoshiko Honda, Chief Curator at CAMK, and Akiko Sakamoto, Curator at CAMK
Vocalists: Members of Zeron
Engineer: Marty Chafkin, Perfection Electricks
Sound editor: Jeremy Boyle
Sound recordings from: Jill Soha, Curator at The Ohio State University Borror Laboratory of Bioaccoustics
Radio donations: P'Elizabeth Koekler

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