Ann Hamilton - (lineament_book ball)

ball wound from strips of text, book, wood and glass vitrine
15 with 4 Artist’s Proofs
Published in 1994 by Sean Kelly Gallery, New York
12 ½ × 28 ½ × 5 ½ inches / 31.8 × 72.4 × 14 cm (vitrine)

In this transformation of a book, a block of printed text was cut with switchback lines and lifted from the page in a continuous line. As the cavity of the book was emptied and became a negative space, the text was wound by hand into a three-dimensional sphere.  This process linked the mutual processes of creation in making and unmaking text and textile. Originally enacted as a performative process in the installation lineament, 1993, the method was recreated to publish (lineament · book/ball) as an edition.


Photo credit: Ann Hamilton