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15x15 shim

cinder | 1999

Ann Hamilton · near-away

Silver thimble photo-etched with text of Susan Stewart's poem "Cinder," bookbinder's clamshell box
Edition of 20 with 6 Artist's Proofs
Approximately 7 x 6 inches


Ann Hamilton · ciliary


First exhibited in Hamilton’s installation whitecloth, at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in 1999, “Cinder” is a Susan Stewart poem of the same title photo-etched in silver to create its openwork traces. The thimble can be removed from its book-sized box and worn or turned to reveal the script of the poem. This thimble is related to one of the thimbles in Hamilton’s two-part object scripted, 1997.

Ann Hamilton · near-away


Ann Hamilton · near-away


Photo credit: Jeff Hazelden

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