Ann Hamilton - (aloud)

174 Iris Prints on Somerset Velvet paper (Radiant White 330g/sgm)
33 ¾ × 46 1⁄8 inches / 85.7 × 117.2 cm (paper)

To make this field of images, a tiny surveillance camera attached to the hand moved across the faces of small painted medieval altarpiece sculptures at Stockholm’s Museum of National Antiquities (where the 2004 piece, aloud, was performed). These 174 digital prints--still frames from the motion of the hand coaxing the inanimate figures to speak--are a complete set that constitute the artist’s book Ann Hamilton: aloud (Stockholm: Museum of National Antiquities, 2004). A selection of these was also exhibited in the project phora.

Ann Hamilton - (aloud) book

Photo credit: Hans Cogne / Ann Hamilton