Ann Hamilton · concordance · stylus

Originally emerging from the 2010 installation stylus, concordances have become a form that inhabiting numerous recent works. Unlike indices which locate subject matter, concordances alphabetize the principal words used in a single text within the context of the sentence in which they appear. The alphabetized words run like a spine through the text, allowing the reader to examine the intersections of context and the frequency of their usage.

In stylus, these word lists were crossed with digital news feeds from a changing list of international English language publications. Computer generated and hand silkscreened weekly by All Along Press in St. Louis during the exhibition, each uniquely composed edition like the one above re-contextualized the world news, weaving the interior reflection of the project with the exterior projection of world events through a structure that is equally an act of finding and an act of composition. To read the whole edition of 27 concordances in stylus, click here.

Editions similar to those created for stylus have been published in specific relationship to projects and as works of their own. These include:
, 2011, published by Siglio Press
An Absolute Action All American Awareness Before Bodies Breathe, 2011, published for "The Air We Breathe," an exhibition at SFMOMA

Photo credit: Jenny Fine