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15x15 shim

scripted | 1997

Ann Hamilton · scripted

Gold thimble photo-etched with text of Susan Stewart's poem "Cinder," silver thimble, horsehair, wood and glass vitrine
15 versions with 5 APs
3 ½ x 33 ½ x 7 ½ inches


Ann Hamilton · scripted


The acts of sewing and speech are embodied in one of the two thimbles that constitute this piece. Susan Stewart’s poem “Cinder” appears in the form of a gold thimble photo-etched in filigree. This gold thimble was shown vertically along with the second, silver thimble, oriented horizontally, the latter having a length of horsehair emerging from each of the pore-like points of the thimble, not unlike the way droplets of water emerged from the pore-like holes of the installation (bounden • seeping wall), 1997. The horsehair in this piece derived from the materials used in tropos, 1993. Hamilton’s reading with the fingertip (here inserted into and “wearing” the body of the poem) would continue in related works created by using a small surveillance camera attached to her hand for videos, and for photographs.

Ann Hamilton · scripted


Photo credit: Jeff Hazelden

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