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15x15 shim

draw | 2003

Video (color, sound); 15" LCD screen; DVD; DVD player; fascia plate. 3 with 2 Artist’s Proofs. 2012 variation: two 20" LCD monitors; media players.

Recorded with a miniature single-chip surveillance video camera, draw follows a running line of red thread as it moves under, up, and under a piece of silk organza. Shot from above the cloth, the camera follows the tail of the thread. The sound is of the work’s making, and at close range amplifies the puncturing of the cloth, as the thread is drawn up through the fabric. The gesture also graphically draws a cumulative, erratic red line.

Ann Hamilton · draw

draw - Ann Hamilton
draw on view with (ghost....a border act · video) at Colgate University in 2012


Photo credit: Ann Hamilton and Mark R. Williams

Text excerpted from Joan Simon, Ann Hamilton: An Inventory of Objects, New York: Gregory R. Miller & Co., LLC. 2006.

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