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15x15 shim

face to face · 1-67 | 2001

Ann Hamilton · face to face · 22

Pigment print
Edition of 3 with 2 Artist’s Proofs
Published in 2001 by Sean Kelly Gallery, New York
Image size: variable x 10 inches, Paper size: 22 x 18 inches
(Image above: face to face · 22)


These images are part of an ongoing series titled face to face. The 2001 edition featured 67 prints of different individuals and landscapes. Making the orifice of language the orifice of sight, a small pinhole camera is placed within the mouth’s interior. When the mouth opens, the film is exposed. The resulting image is a trace presence of standing or sitting “face to face” with a person or landscape. The figure or landscape becomes the pupil in the eye shape created by one's mouth, much the same way as one sees a tiny image of oneself in the reflection of another person’s pupil. (The word pupil comes from the Latin pupilla, which means little doll or puppet.)


Ann Hamilton · face to face · 44face to face · 44, 2001


Ann Hamilton · face to face · 58face to face · 58, 2001


Images from the face to face edition were recently featured in "See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception," a book by Madeline Schwartzman. London's WORK Gallery developed an exhibition of the same name from the book, and included three prints from the edition, face to face · 22, 44, and 58.

This edition was highlighted in the PBS Series "Art 21." (more information)




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